Rama Navami is the most glorious appearance day of Sri Ramachandra. He is known as maryada-purushottama, “one who exhibits ideal behaviour.” Lord Rama’s activities display exemplary behaviour for us to follow. They are all the more important, especially in today’s day and age where Vedic culture has all but become forgotten.

ISKCON Mangalore will celebrate this event by conducting a very special Rama Taraka Yajna to glorify the nature and activities of Lord Rama. In this sacrifice, devotees will chant the 108 Names of Lord Rama each enumerating His glories. When these Names are chanted and offered as an oblation in the fire, we too can start imbibing these wonderful qualities. This yajna will be conducted in front of Sri Krishna and Balarama adorned as Sri Rama and Lakshmana.

Join us in this most Holy Yajna to pray to Lord Rama for His blessings in eradicating all evils within us. Become a sponsor for the Rama Taraka yajna. Receive the festival prasadam at your home.

Offer your Seva and receive the blessings of Lord Rama

Rama Taraka Yagna

Panaka Kasambari Seva

Pushpalanakara Seva